Sunset In A Camp Patterned Linens High Quality Pillow Case

Sale price$14.90

Bring the serenity of the great outdoors to your living space with our linen pillow case, featuring a captivating sunset view. This exquisite product is a delightful accessory for camping enthusiasts who appreciate the beauty of nature's most magical moments.

  • Can't snooze on inferior pillows! Our Sunset In A Camp Linen Pillow Case is just the ticket for a deep, soundless slumber.
  • Plus, crafted with cuffed edges and a hidden zipper for a polished finish, this pillow is more than a pretty face!
  • It's made from high-q and eco-friendly fabrics, durable enough to withstand endless dips in the wash.
  • Decorate your caravan, tent, car, hotel, or home with this snug piece of decor!
  • Just keep in mind, that a 1.2-inch error in size is totally normal. So don't stress! Sweet dreams!
  • Average Fulfillment Day: 10 - 20 business days
Size: 16 × 16Inch