18oz Stary Night Stainless Steel Tumbler With Sealed Lid

Sale price$22.90

Pump up the view with a Beautiful Stary Night Stainless Steel Tumbler!

  • Its 304 stainless steel is solid, long-lasting, and totally safe from pollutants.
  • The tightly sealed lid keeps liquids in and odors out.
  • It's roomy for whatever you're sippin' and its narrow base takes up minimal space.
  • Portable perfection for car rides, travel, and camping.
  • Don't worry about cleaning - pop the lid in the dishwasher!
  • Just remember - its size data is accurate plus/-2mm.
  • Average Fulfillment Day: 10 - 20 business days
  • Enjoy the view & take a sip!

Size Guide

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