15oz Best Camping Memories 100% Stainless Steel Silver Travel Mug

Sale price$24.90

Memories will last longer than your morning coffee with the Best Camping Memories Travel Mug!

  • Durable 100% stainless steel
  • 15oz capacity
  • This mug is designed to be used every day - chill out with water, sip coffee, tea, hot cocoa, or soup!
  • A classic silver mug with low maintenance - not easily damaged with a plastic C-shaped handle for insulation & comfy grip.
  • A removable lid for easy cleaning.
  • Perfect for a coffee party in a camp or as a gift!
  • Important: Not dishwasher safe, not microwaveable, clean thoroughly before use.
  • Average Fulfillment Day: 10 - 20 business days

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