Big Mountain Patterned Durable Luggage Case and Tag Set

Sale price$28.90

Embark on your mountainous journey with our durable luggage cover and tag set, a symbolic tribute to the majestic peaks that inspire awe and adventure. This luggage cover protects your luggage from dust and scratches. No more worrying about the risk of tangling luggage. You just enjoy your trip. 

  • Its unique pattern ensures that your luggage will stand out!
  • Plus, with a handy pull rod hole, top handle hole, and left and right side invisible zipper handle holes, this suitcase cover truly has it all!
  • Rock this cover on road trips, business trips and more – no matter the journey, it'll keep you covered!
  • Average Fulfillment Day: 10 - 20 business days

Note: This case cover only fits suitcases where the carry-on section is in the middle. 

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