22oz Camping Paws Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Camping Bottle

Sale price$39.90

Our Copper Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle, featuring a delightful scene of a camper cat and dog sitting in front of a tent, an ideal accessory for those who love camping and furry friends.

Vacuum insulation is a big deal if you care about beverage temperature change. Double-wall construction means that hot liquids can remain hot up to 12 hours while colder choices can last a full 48 hours; that’s two whole days.

  • One size: 22oz (650 ml)
  • Condensation-proof - no sweating or slipping.
  • Made to fit in car cup-holders,
  • This spillproof wonder is made of ultra-durable stainless steel that won't scratch or fade.
  • Plus, it's BPA-free and has a note-worthy nugget: on a black bottle
  • Note: black design elements on black bottles may differ in tones. Use transparent background
  • Note: Semi-transparent design elements do not always render correctly on dark-colored bottles
  • Note: The print provider cannot guarantee that the design placement will line up with the cap handles as shown in mockups

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